Petromax Hand coffee grinder

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- Adjustable grinding level in 5 levels

- Cast iron conical grinder

- Easy to use

- Robust combination of materials

- Convenient dosing option


Fresh enjoyment with the Petromax hand coffee grinder

The best adventures start with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Even in the rough wilderness, good coffee does not have to fall by the wayside. With the Petromax hand coffee grinder, you can make your campfire coffee fresher and more aromatic than ever before.

Adjust the degree of grinding individually

The Petromax hand coffee grinder is more than just a kitchen utensil - it is your tool for fresh coffee in the wilderness. Its adjustable grind allows you to adjust the grain size of your coffee exactly to your taste. You decide whether you want to make fine or coarse coffee powder for your percolator. This flexibility gives you the freedom to prepare your coffee outdoors according to your preferences.

Valuable roasted aromas thanks to cast iron grinder

The Petromax coffee grinder is equipped with a high-quality cast iron grinder that ensures an unforgettable taste experience. The cast iron grinder ensures that the coffee beans do not overheat during grinding and roasted aromas are not lost, giving your campfire coffee that unique, unmistakable taste.

Easy handling

Grinding your coffee has never been easier. The coffee bean hopper can be filled to the brim twice, totaling 17.5g, which is enough to hold up to 35g of ground coffee in the hopper. By simply turning the adjusting screw up and down, you can change the gap distance in the conical grinder to adjust the grind to your preference. With five different grinding levels and a simple dosing option, operation is easy.

Electricity-free coffee for every adventure

Discover the advantages of mobility and independence of the Petromax hand coffee grinder. Since it works without electricity, you can use it anywhere you can light a fire. With its compact design, it fits into any backpack and is therefore the ideal companion on all your adventures.


Technical specifications

Material: steel

Grinder material: Cast iron

Collecting container material: wood

Dimensions (H x W x D): 18 x 6 x 6 cm

Total weight, approx.: 500g

Filling volume of collecting container: 34 g - 40 g

Grinding grades: 1 - 5, very coarse to very fine

Weight with packaging, approx. / with bag, approx.: 560 g

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