About us

About us


New Adventurestore s.à.r.l.s
29, an der Dellt
L-6114 Junglinster



Mail: info@adventurestore.lu
Phone: +352 691 492 323

We only sell gear that we know, that we tested and even use on a regular basis ourselves, and thus know to be worth a recommendation.

The idea for this store was born after years of being a customer for the products we sell. Years filled with both good and bad experiences with brands, products, stores and their customer service. We strongly believe in customer service and satisfaction, and we try to fulfill this goal. Every single day!

The rule is simple: We only sell quality gear! We don't sell poor quality, and we never will, because it's simply not our philosophy.

Get an honest assessment from someone who uses the gear himself.

We want you to have fun outdoors with the gear that you got from us. The only way to achieve this result is to listen to your needs and expectations and to give you an honest opinion on the products. In a lot of areas it's all about finding the perfect product for your needs. That's true for knives, backpacks, shoes, stoves, nearly everything. A product that is perfect for anyone and any use is simply impossible to produce. Every product has advantages and disadvantages which we won't hide from you. We will give you an honest overview on the ups and downs of a product, so you can compare and choose while knowing exactly what you are going to buy.

Personal Customer Service

The whole world of outdoor sports, such as trekking, hiking, and bushcraft, would not be as appealing without the very real experience that it gives you when out in the wilderness. In nature there is no fake, it's all real! We are real people, and try to keep the outdoors world real. No lies, no fakes. We try to offer our customers the most personal and most real service possible. Don't be shy to get in touch with us!

    • Top quality products
    • Best customer service
    • 30-days money back guarantee



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