Payment & Shipping



The payment possibilities are the following:

- PayPal
- VISA (You will choose the PayPal payment and then pay with your VISA card over the PayPal service. You do NOT need any PayPal account for this. You can also pay as a guest on PayPal. PayPal is offering some additional security level to your VISA payment.)
- Bank transfer
- Cash on delivery (only for at home delivery by ourselves, not for shipping/delivery by any parcel service)



Please find a tab with the shipping fees below. We will offer Europe-wide shipping, but it really depends on the destination country and on the product if it's worth the shipping cost or not. To prevent you from facing crazy shipping costs, please contact us to know the shipping cost for your particular country if it isn't one of those listed in the chart below. According to what you'd like to buy we will find the cheapest shipping provider for you.

Protection of the environment


For the protection of the environment we use recycled card boxes to a small percentage. Most of our boxes are new boxes made of recycled card, but if we have previously used boxes that can be reused, we will reuse them. This way we don't need to get as much totally new boxes produced for us and help the environment. So please don't be disappointed when your order comes in a box with text and logos printed on. We can guarantee you that your order will both be transported and also protected just the way it would be in any other box. The environment is simply more important to us than fancy optics.

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