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Unrivalled all-in-one tool that can be used as a conventional barbecue, smoker, firepit, oven

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Extremely robust and with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, the Petromax Atago is an unrivalled all-in-one tool that can be used as a conventional barbecue, a stove, an oven, and a fire pit with charcoal, briquettes or firewood. With its 4 basic functions, numerous preparation procedures and cooking methods are possible. You can use the Petromax Atago in combination with a Dutch oven or a wok . All you have to do is to place the cast iron cookware (e.g. Petromax ft3, ft6 or ft9) on top of the Petromax Atago. Because the wok or the Dutch oven placed on top of the Atago is completely surrounded by steel, the heat yield is very high. Furthermore, the Petromax Atago comes with a grilling grate, which serves to transform it in a conventional barbecue . Without the grilling grate, the Atago serves as a fire pit or as a coffee maker in combination with the Petromax Percolator “Perkomax” . Thanks to its unique extension-retraction mechanism, the Petromax Atago is ready for use in a blink of an eye. When folded, it has a height of only 15 cm (6 inches), which allows you to save space when you store it after a nice BBQ and a couple of drinks.

Material: stainless steel
Retracted: 42 x 42 x 15
Extended: 42 x 42 x 28 cm
Weight: 6.1 kg
Fuel: charcoal, briquettes, firewood Wood gaz stove effect
Made in Germany

Our comment: The Atago is probably the most versatile stove/barbecue that you can get. Due to the wood gaz stove working principle, consisting of a double-walled construction which allows unburned wood gaz to be burned after mixed with hot air, the Atago is extremely fuel efficient and will thus last a long time and create a lot of heat. Regulate the amount of heat by opening or closing the air holes on the bottom conveniently with the built-in lever. Use it as a barbecue, fire pit, oven, or smoker (with the optional convention lid) at home, in your camp in the woods, on trips with your offroad vehicle, in the parc or on the beach, while camping or for emergency preparedness. Thanks to the collapsible design it is conveniently packed away, and the optional carrying bags allow for easy and clean transportation or storage. Bake a bread or pizza, prepare a stue in the dutch oven, some eggs in the cast iron pan, meat and vegetables on the grill, smoke meat or cheese, toast some bread, and grill marshmallows. You can do all this thanks to this awesome and versatile piece of equipment.



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