BE-X Frontier One Rugged Reflective Poncho

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Robust military-style poncho with reflective coating

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The Frontier One Poncho combines the robust features of a classic military ponchos with the low weight of modern outdoor fabrics and the versatility of a rescue blanket! The rugged, 220x145cm large and only 480g lightweight poncho comes with reeinforced eyelets, the sides are closed with push-button and velcro and the hood is cut loose and comfy. A collar with covered zipper allows for closing the Poncho tightly, as well as providing ventilation if necessary! Another feature is the material, that comes coated on the outside with a waterproof finish and on the inside with a matt-reflective coating. This turns the inside into a reflective (insulating) space blanket and the outside is waterproofed with 10,000 mm water column! All seams are also sealed with PU band, and thus also waterproof! The material is not coated with silicone, a requirement which was important to us for our military customers, because as the outside can be customized with spray paint for weapons!

Dimensions: 220 x 145cm
Weight: 480g
Material: Polyamid with Polyurethan coating

Our comment: Very high quality, versatile, and thought-through version of a rain poncho. The special collar construction allows for great comfort and perfect closure when the poncho is used to build a shelter. The inner coating reflects the body heat and the heat of a campfire when the poncho is used as a tarp.

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