SUNMOOVE® 16 Watt Solar Charger

SUNMOOVE® 16 Watt Solar Charger


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Solar charger SUNMOOVE® 16 Watts

Produce your own energy with zero grid anywhere on the globe ! The SUNMOOVE® 16 Watt solar charger has a large collector surface with high efficiency cells from "SUNPOWER TM".

Advantages of the solar charger

  • Power: 16 Watts
  • SUNPOWER TM monocrystalline cells
  • 3 ultra-thin foldable solar panels
  • Charge indicator LED
  • Current: 3,200 mA
  • Indicative charging time: 2,000 to 10,000 mAh > 1h to 5h
  • Charging devices from 500 to 5,000 mAh: smartphone, powerbank, camera, speaker, micro-camera, tablet (...)
  • Carabiners (x2)
  • USB-C / Micro USB / iPhone cable
  • Robust, foldable and compact
  • Waterproof panel, XPX4 rating

Using the SUNMOOVE® 16 Watt solar charger


Solar panels convert sunlight directly into a 5 V electrical voltage, they do not store energy. The energy produced by the solar panel is then stored in a battery (smartphone, powerbank, camera, speaker, tablet, micro-camera, etc.). In order to obtain maximum efficiency, our SUNMOOVE® solar chargers are designed with "SUNPOWER TM" monocrystalline cells which provide 25 to 35% more energy production than conventional cells. An LED, charge indicator, integrated in the solar panel allows to watch over the good charge of the device.

In what weather?

- The sun is shining: perfect time for solar charging. Plug in your device and unfold the 3 SUNMOOVE® solar panels completely in the direction of the sun, the charging starts immediately. For an optimal charging, it is advised to orient the panels perpendicular to the sun rays.
- If the weather is cloudy : the use of a powerbank (buffer battery between the solar charger and the device) is necessary.
- In rainy weather: SUNMOOVE® solar panels are designed with waterproof materials for outdoor use. The USB output on the back of the panels is therefore protected in case of rain (the USB output is not waterproof: do not leave it in the water). Dry the SUNMOOVE® solar charger after use before folding it and store it in a dry place.
- If the light is too weak or your device needs a lot of charge : use a buffer battery between the solar panel and your device.

What devices can be charged?

The SUNMOOVE® solar charger is compatible with all USB charger cables and comes with a USB-C / Micro USB / iPhone cable. It allows to charge smartphones, mini action cameras, SAT phones and other 5V devices. In order to check if your device is charging, the SUNMOOVE® 16 Watts solar charger is equipped with a charge indicator on the USB port of the solar panel. If your battery needs 1 A when the panel can produce 2 A, the output current of the panel adjusts to the battery charge without damaging your device. For optimal charging of your devices, orient and stabilise the panels perpendicular to the sun's rays.

Where to use it?

It is used during your outdoor outings (mountain, sea, camping, ...) in order to keep your electrical devices charged, without any network, only with the sun. Versatile, it can be put down, fixed or suspended with carabiners according to your needs: backpack, bicycle luggage, car dashboard, paddle, etc. Its robust and waterproof panel adapts to all outdoor conditions. Ultra-thin, light and compact, it can be taken anywhere!

In Practice!

1°/ Unfold the SUNMOOVE® 16 Watts solar charger
2°/ Connect the device with the USB cable provided (USB-C / Micro USB / iPhone cable)*.
3°/ Orient the panel towards the sun, the panels perpendicular to the sun's rays
4°/ Check with the LED charging indicator that the device is working
5°/ Enjoy the sun, it charges!

To know
- The solar panel is equipped with an anti-return diode which prevents the panel from discharging your battery in the evening.
- The output current of the panel adjusts to the charge of your device's battery.

Included in the SUNMOOVE® 16 Watts Solar Charger !

- 3 ultra-thin foldable panels with SUNPOWER cells TM
- 1 cable with 3 outputs: USB-C / Micro USB / iPhone

Technical data

- Dimension closed: 26 x 16 x 3 cm
- Dimension open : 26 x 48 x 1,5 cm
- Weight : 490 gr
- Output : 5V - USB
- Intensity : 3 200 mA
- Power : 16 Watts
- Easy maintenance with a soft and wet sponge
- CE / ISO 9001 / ROHS / FCC
- Warranty : 2 years

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