Petromax Atago Griddle Plate

Enhancing the Atago grill for barbecue on a plancha plate made in Germany

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This is why the Atago Griddle Plate is a Spanish plancha plate with different temperature zones for versatile grilling pleasure:

• Add a plancha plate to your Atago all-rounder so you can grill on different temperature zones
• 3 mm thick steel plancha made in Germany
• Three-arm plug-in rack for accurately positioning the Griddle Plate
• Natural non-stick effect and characteristic flavour due to the patina which forms and is enhanced every time you cook outdoors
• Easy and safe to replenish firewood or charcoal

Your Griddle Plate to enhance the Atago, the high-quality all-rounder
As a typical Spanish plancha plate, the Atago Griddle Plate is the ideal addition to your all-rounder Atago. Featuring well-thought-out details, the 3 mm thick oiled steel Griddle Plate is made in Germany and delivers great cooking results thanks to different temperature zones. Extra juicy meat specialities can sizzle away in the centre while you keep grilled vegetables or spicy prawns warm at the edge where the heat is lower, ready for serving. The patina that forms has a natural non-stick effect and improves with every use. Be sure to season your Griddle Plate carefully before using it for the first time.
Once the fire is going the plate heats up very quickly to guarantee fast searing. You can keep the Atago well stoked up by simply adding wood or charcoal through the hole in the middle of the Atago Griddle Plate. Due to its flat design and the plug-in rack, it is easy to stow the Griddle Plate in your car or van, ready for use as a versatile cooking and grilling station on any forest or field excursion. The Atago Griddle Plate can thus accompany you on any adventure. Thanks to its optimal heat distribution you can cook easily – and every dish will be a delicacy.

Grill, fire bowl, plancha plate and cooking place all-in-one
Thanks to the handles, you can transport your Atago Griddle Plate to your personal barbecue station and simply remove the plate after cooking so that the Atago runs as a central fireplace. Thanks to the Griddle Plate being easy-care after grilling, you can quickly return to your Atago and enjoy gazing into the flames of this low smoke fireplace with secondary combustion.

For the optimum grilling experience, we offer additional accessories for the Atago Griddle Plate:
• The Petromax Cooking Device protects the opening in the middle and fried eggs, small sausages, etc. stay safely on the Griddle Plate due to the raised inner edge.
• Other cookware can also be positioned safely on the Cooking Device.
• The Petromax Insert for the Atago Griddle Plate is a mini grilling grate which imparts the intense roasting flavour of the crackling fire to all meat dishes. It is also possible to cook peppers and beef tenderloin with grill stripes and it provides a safe place to place your cookware. The Insert not only fits the Cooking Device perfectly but also the opening in the Atago Griddle Plate. Meat can sizzle around the Insert and the hotly anticipated potato wedges are kept warm ready to eat.

Technical details

Griddle Plate
Material: steel, oiled
Dimensions (approx.) (H x W x D): 45.7 x 38.3 x 0.3 cm
Weight (approx.): 2.8 kg

Plug-in rack (three pieces)
Material: steel, oiled
Dimensions per arm (approx.) (H x W x D): 33.5 x 7.0 x 0.2 cm
Weight per arm (approx.): 170 g
Total weight (approx.): 510 g

Scope of delivery
1 x Griddle Plate for the Atago
3 x arms (plug-in)
1 x user manual

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