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The best, all-natural way to start your fire or BBQ

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These fantastic bundles of sticks are made for lighting fires. No harmful chemicals mean no harmful fumes. All natural tinder, up to 80% resin content that burns stronger and lasts longer. Easy to light in all weather conditions means it won’t let you down when you need that fire. One or two sticks will get the BBQ or the campfire crackling away in no time. Plus they smell amazing!


• Easy to light, even when wet
• Natural fire starter
• Efficient hot flame from resin
• Reliable

Material Features

Stumps from cultivated pine trees. Pinus Oocarpa & Pinus Caribaea. High resin content - up to 80%. SCS certified wood.

Sustainable Features

No more chemicals.


230x55x40 mm

9,06x2,17x1,57 inches


203 g

7,161 oz

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