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This new UCO fire-starting kit includes 3 separate products in a nice fireproof reusable metal tin. This kit includes 3 ways to start a fire. Pick your poison for your situation. Feeling lazy today? Flick a Sweetfire match point on the striker and let the built-in tinder burn under your kindling, for 7 minutes while you slowly gather more to build your fire.

Feeling like Bear Grylls today? Use the UCO Survival Fire Striker to throw some sparks at the problem. Want to start a fire in a monsoon? We got you covered; use the stormproof matches, they burn underwater...


  • UCO Stormproof SweetFire Tinder
  • UCO Stormproof matches
  • UCO Survival Fire Striker Ferro Rod (color my vary)
  • UCO Metal Tin


CAUTION: For outdoor use by adults only. Carefully monitor lit matches until completely burned. Store extra strikers in protective sleeves after use to keep dry. Store matches separately from strikers to prevent accidental ignition.


  • For lighting a match, it is ideal if the striker is a firm surface which can usually be achieved by just closing the box.
  • If striker and box become wet, the striker will still work, but needs to dry first so that the surface is once again firm. Use a spare striker until then.
  • If matches become wet, just wipe dry before use.


  • Strike away from the body or in a downwards position. Be careful of bystanders.
  • Be careful when striking the match since sparks can fly off the igniting head.
  • After using the match, run it in water to be certain that it will not light anything else on fire.

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