Cocoon Merino Wool/Silk Blanket

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High quality blanket for traveling and for at home. Merino wool/silk blend

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Brand: Cocoon

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High quality blanket for traveling and for at home. The luxurious, lightweight Travel Blanket surrounds you in an incredibly soft, warm and cozy Merino/Silk blend. Excellent breathability, natural temperature regulation, and moisture wicking offer comfort in a wide range of temperatures. The exquisite, easy-care 72% merino wool / 28% silk blend avoids unpleasant odors and is machine washable. The blanket is great for plane, train, car, home & cool evening outdoors.

Size: 180x140 cm
Weight: 390 g


The sapphire blue is a brighter blue, while the graphite blue is darker and more grey.


Our comment: Wool blankets are fantastic pieces of kit, but they have two big disadvantages: their weight and their bulk. Wool blankets can be used to lay or sit on, to protect you from the dirt or the cold, to keep yourself warm, and many other things. But if space and weight is limited carrying a wool blanket often loses its interest in direct comparison to a sleeping bag. A sleeping bag however can not be used for every purpose that you can use a nice wool blanket for. Well, we got the solution: the Cocoon Merino/Silk blend blanket. The Cocoon blanket packs smaller than a Nalgene bottle and weighs only 390g which is incredible for a blanket of 130 by 180 cm. The blanket can be used to sit or lie on, to cover yourself up when it gets a little chilly around the campfire, to cover yourself up while sleeping next to a fire (wool doesn't burn easily and will keep your clothes protected from the sparks), to get some extra warmth or cozyness in the sleeping bag, but also to protect you from the sun when you're exposed to it. Merino wool has the fantastic characteristic of helping you stay cool in warm weather while also keeping you warm when it's cold. Long story short - the Cocoon Merino/Silk blanket truly is a very versatile piece of gear that has many more uses than you would imagine a blanket to have. Thanks to its small pack size and little weight you will be able to take your wool blanket on every trip. This blanket is not only nice for backpacking but also for general traveling. Leave it in your car, take it onto the plane, or take it to your hotel or the beach. Once you got one, you will use it more often than any other blanket.

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